“Most of the other sites had pretty significant deviations in about a third of the subjects, but Artemis didn’t have any – they really stood out.”
Ronald M. Burch, MD, PhD
Chief Medical Officer, Naurex

Artemis Research is founded on the principal of engaging our sponsor clients as professionals throughout the clinical trial process, while having each individual clinical trial overseen by trained and professional Principal Investigators to ensure the safety and well-being of all study participants. By having our Investigators and clinical staff as employees of Artemis, we can ensure that our systems and professional culture are shared throughout the company at all of the locations.

Flawless execution of every study is always our goal

  • Our investigators oversee all aspects of their clinical trials, including study patient selection and follow-up through training of the clinical research team, and providing comprehensive Principal Investigator oversight.
  • Our investigative staff includes highly qualified MDs with many years of clinical research experience and dedicated PhD/PsyD psychologist psychometricians.
  • We are committed to superb communication with our sponsors throughout the study period, as well as post clinical trial completion.
  • Our management and clinical team bring a vast and diverse clinical research experience, to ensure the company is well prepared for the challenges of conducting clinical trials in a rapidly changing regulatory and approval landscape.
  • We combine individual care of study patients with scrupulous adherence to study protocol.
  • We combine individual care with scrupulous adherence to study protocol

If you are interested in learning more about our capabilities, please contact us at BD@artemis-research.com.