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“Most of the other sites had pretty significant deviations in about a third of the subjects, but Artemis didn’t have any – they really stood out.”
Ronald M. Burch, MD, PhD
Chief Medical Officer, Naurex

At Artemis, we conduct clinical research that advances medical treatment, providing the highest-quality data in a safe, comfortable environment – with no surprises.

“We deliver reliable, verifiable research results by thoroughly planning for every study, carefully and compassionately evaluating subjects, and adhering precisely to protocol.”
Dr. Vishaal Mehra

Flawless execution of every study is always our goal

  • Our physicians are involved in pre-screening and screening all volunteers
  • We ensure volunteers aren’t dual-enrolled through an electronic database-sharing system
  • Our investigative staff includes highly-qualified MDs and dedicated PhD psychologist psychometricians with many years of experience in blinding and objective ratings
  • We are committed to superb communication with our sponsors throughout the study period
  • We understand the importance of accurate and timely regulatory and IRB filing
  • We combine individual care with scrupulous adherence to study protocol

“Vishaal (Dr. Mehra) would call me any time there was a problem with one of the patients. I was in Europe once and he called and couldn’t get hold of me, and I got the message and called him back. And, you know, he had dealt with it perfectly, just the way I would have recommended if I had talked to him.”
Medical monitor for a global CRO

Our study areas


  • Addiction
  • Schizophrenia
  • Mood Disorders
  • Anxiety
  • Migraines
  • Alzheimer’s Dementia
Internal Medicine

  • Diabetes/Metabolic
  • Osteoarthritis/Pain
  • Women’s Health
  • Dermatology
  • Gastrointestinal
  • Vaccine

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Our two locations allow us to reach a large and diverse population

Artemis Institute for Clinical Research – San Diegofacility

Internal Medicine Indications Psychiatry/Neurology Indications
Phase 1-4 Phase 1-4
Infusion Studies Infusion Studies
Inpatient studies Inpatient studies
Outpatient Research Facility
10 interview and exam rooms Infusion Lounge
Laboratory with -20C and -70C storage and centrifuges Dedicated Staff and PI’s
Secure and monitored Pharmacy Specialized for controlled substance-license
Clinical Research Unit
4 individual rooms Secure and monitored
Lounge with entertainment Dedicated kitchen for dietary control
Blood and sample collection for PK/PD Dedicated Laboratory with centrifuge
Secure and monitored Pharmacy Dedicated staff and PI

Artemis Institute for Clinical Research – San Marcosfacilitysm

Internal Medicine Indications Psychiatry/Neurology Indications
Phase 2-4 Phase 2-4
Outpatient Research Facility
4 interview and exam rooms Dedicated Staff and PI’s
Laboratory with -20C and -70C storage and centrifuges Secure and monitored Pharmacy

We’re physicians conducting research AND professionals dedicated to superior business operations

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