CEO Remarks

Dear Team,

3. Reminder of our 4 annual priorities for 2020: 

Annual Company Retreat UPDATE


Industry, Patients, and Community Highlights

Community Support

We are building social media pages dedicated to informing the community:

Depression: @SoCalDepression

Migraine: @SoCalMigraineSupport

ADHD: @ADHDSoCalSupport




Personnel and Artemis Community Updates

Welcome Baby Leandro!

Congratulations to Maria Hernandez! Her adorable son Leandro was born March 8th at 3:31am, weighing a whopping 6lbs 13oz.

Dr. Purvi Mehra is the winner of the baby guessing game from Maria’s baby shower.

Personnel and Hiring Updates

San Diego

San Marcos:



  • Congratulations to Joanna LaSalle on your promotion to Senior Patient Recruitment Specialist!
  • Congratulations to Jeanne Pun on your promotion to Senior Patient Recruitment Specialist!
  • Congratulations to Prianka Patel on your promotion to Senior Patient Recruitment Specialist!
  • The search for a Director of Business Development has been postponed to Q3.
  • We are searching for a Director of People and Culture to join our Corporate team.

Employee Referral Bonus: We’re offering a $250 referral bonus for each successful hire!


April Birthdays:

April Artemis Anniversaries:


Core Values Coming Alive

February Shout-Out Winners

San Marcos WinnerL

“    ”

Riverside Winner: C, Research Assistant

“    ”

San Diego Winner: A, Research Assistant

“     ”


Congratulations! Thank you for being valuable members of the Artemis team.

For these accomplishments, TBDa will each be awarded a $50 gift card.

**Feel free to recognize your fellow colleagues who you see living and breathing any of the 5 Core Values for Artemis. At the end of the month, we collect all the “shout-outs” and draw a name from a hat to get a winner. You can give as many shout-outs as you want, and a person can receive as many shout-outs as they deserve.

Our Core Values

1. We always put patients first
2. We deliver the best customer experience
3. We do the right thing
4. We work as a team
5. We embrace continuous improvement

Our Core Value for April is:  We deliver the best customer service.



Company Performance Metrics

 1) Annual Priority 1: Deliver a WOW Patient Experience

We received a 2019 Patient Net Promoter Score of 4.41 out of 5 stars! Great work team!

The San Diego, San Marcos, and Riverside teams each received a Public 5-star review!


2) Annual Priority 2: Deliver a WOW Employee Experience

Artemis Company Emplify Score: 76.03 (12/2019)

The average Emplify Score is 74.

Artemis Net Promoter Score (NPS): 20

The average NPS is 14.


3) Annual Priority 3: Develop a Kick Ass Patient Recruitment Platform

We ended the month with 48 screens and 40 randomizations, under both our screening and randomization goals.

We are now into March and it’s a new month, so let’s do what we can to ensure we are hitting our goals – which allows us to fulfill our Purpose: Prioritizing Patients. Advancing Medicine. Improving the World.

4) Annual Priority 4: Virtual Trials exploration