Artemis Newsletter – June 2019

Artemis Newsletter – June 2019

Artemis Newsletter – June 2019

CEO Remarks

Happy Summer Artemis Team! I’m pleased to share with you the June 2019 Newsletter. It was a busy May with many activities and studies, as you can see within the newsletter. To continue on our path towards our “True North” for the year of creating the best trained team in the industry, I’d like to share a few items happening in June which will support the company on our journey:

  1. We have received feedback from many of you on the wording and revision of the “Core Purpose” for the company, and there were some excellent ideas, so thank you for this! There was no clear winning version, and after some thought within the executive team and after reviewing the input from you, we are working on creating some additional versions based on what we believe this company’s purpose truly is: to place the patients first and foremost in the research process. I hope to present to you all some additional versions in June so you can provide us with feedback. 
  2. June is a big month for IT at Artemis. We are aiming to complete the migration to BOX by the end of this month, which is a file sharing service that makes collaborating and file sharing WAY easier. Additionally, we are going to be changing to a different IT support service company  called SPLICE. SPLICE seems to be a solid partner to support the growth of Artemis, and we will begin the transition in June—this will be mostly behind the scenes, so will not affect you at this time until we fully transition. 
  3. Finally, most of you will be seeing an invite starting to come out in June for a one on one meeting with me. Due to scheduling restrictions, I will be doing something a little different with the CRU staff. However, the purpose of the meetings is for me to get an opportunity to see how things are going for you and any feedback you may have that I can bring back to the team. I look forward to meeting with you all over the summer! 

I hope you enjoy this issue and also have a great June!




“Passionately Driven to Improve Human Life”

Happy Clinical Trials Day!

May 20th was International Clinical Trials Day! Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate by filling out and posing with a “Why I Work In Research” flyer! We shared these photos and flyers with our Database through a company wide eBlast. In the email, we took a survey asking if our patients and volunteers would recommend Artemis and why or why not. We received a tremendous and overall positive response. A reminder as to why we do what we do:

Artemis At The Ballgame!

In May, Artemis went to the Padres vs NY Mets game!


Important updates to personnel and other issues that may affect you.

2019 Company Picnic

This year’s Company Picnic will be a tropical themed celebration with shave ice, a Polynesian dance performance, island style catering, and a tug of war competition!

Mark your calendar for July 27 11am-3pm at Liberty Station NTC Park!

Event Committee News

We are looking for more volunteers to be on the Event Committee! This team helps coordinate events like the Padres game. If interested, reach out to Paulina Good at or Shawna Bagalini at!

Personnel Changes and Updates

Artemis was highly productive this last month in hiring and bringing on new team members—we have been very successful in this endeavor!

San Diego:

  • Congratulations to Angela Strigen for her promotion to Recruitment Relations Specialist!
  • Welcome Summer Ghamedi, our new Regulatory Specialist!
  • Welcome Joanna LaSalle, our new Patient Recruitment Specialist!

San Marcos:

  • Colin Malaska is going to University of Colorado School of Medicine! Congrats, you will be missed!
  • Welcome to Cynthia Warren, our new Research Assistant!
  • Melanie Goerlitz has transferred from SD to SM, congrats on the shorter commute!


  • Congratulations to Nadia Najera on your promotion to IT & Facilities Administrator!
  • Welcome Natalia Pilcher, our new Office Administrator!


  • Congratulations to Dr. Purvi Mehra for her promotion to Chief Medical Officer!
  • We are searching for a Human Resources Manager to execute all HR directed activities within the company
  • We are searching for a VP of Operations to oversee all operations across all sites

Remember: any employee can earn referral bonus of $250 for each successful hire. Nice work and “Thanks” to the employees who referred folks this most recent hiring round.


May 3rd – Philip Rey

June 12th – Colin Malaska

June 12th – Kirstin Kevalaitis

June 25th – Lacey Clements

June 30th – Eligia Caasi

Artemis Anniversaries

Adriana Espericueta – 1 year

Donna Perez – 1 year

Paulina Good – 1 year

Ruby Casillas – 2 year

Myrna Castro – 3 year

Stacey Layle – 3 year

Sandeep Thambi – 2 year


The New and Improved Core Values!

  1. We always put patients first
  2. We deliver the best customer experience
  3. We do the right thing
  4. We work as a team
  5. We embrace a journey of continuous improvement

Remember:  These values are listed in the order of importance, so if you ever have to choose abiding by one core value over another, then go the higher core value. 

Shout-Out Winners

For the month of June, we had many shout-outs come in from the entire company.

San Diego Winner:

The winner for the “Shout-Out” for June is Deliza Cobarruvias!

The specific winning shout out is as follows:

“You are an excellent communicator and open and easy to approach, and give us individual and team feedback”

San Marcos Winner:

The winner for the “Shout-Out” for June is Earle Bartolome!

The specific winning shout out is as follows:

“He’s the CNS screening machine!”

Riverside Winner:

The winner for the “Shout-Out” for June is Natalia Pilcher!

The specific winning shout out is as follows:

“You are so positive and pleasant with our patients! Way to provide the best customer service!”

Congratulations Deliza, Earle, and Natalia! Thank you for being valuable members of the Artemis team.

For these accomplishments, Deliza, Earle, and Natalia will each be awarded a $50 gift card.

**Feel free to recognize your fellow colleagues who you see living and breathing any one of the 6 Core Values for Artemis. At the end of the month, we collect all the “shout-outs” and draw a name from a hat to get a winner. You can give as many shout-outs as you want, and a person can receive as many shout-outs as they deserve.

June Core Value

Our Core Value for June is: We deliver the best customer service every day.


May Screening Goals

We unfortunately fell short of our May screening goal by 6 patients with a final total of 69. We have similar targets for this coming month and some new studies starting. We will hit our June goal if everyone pulls together! Thank you for all you do to help our patients join and stay in our studies.

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