June Shoutout Corner

The following are the top shoutouts per site and department


Deliza: “Deliza is an extremely strong team leader. She cares deeply about her team and pushes everyone to their full potential while regularly exemplifying much-needed empathy. She has been a great support system during the craziness of this pandemic. She has given each of her team members the patience and understanding that is needed at a time like this.”

Darrian: “She is motivated to learn and grow. Darrian is a good team player and willing to help her coworkers in any situation, and is always encouraging/supportive of our team. She is not afraid to ask questions to bring up study issues during our meetings.”

Jeanne: “She is a triple threat! Hungry – always making sure that her site’s success is achieved, Humble – will take a step back to help or teach others, she always gives her supervisor great feedback.”

Joanna: “Hungry – she makes Artemis goals her own personal ones, Humble – Joanna will ask for help when she needs it and is a great mentor to peers.”

Prianka: “She is a team player to the T! She has a very calm and confident approach when we have meetings and discussions. She always thinks of all the details and always thinks of all people.”


Ali: “Ali always does what she says she’s going to do! She is loving, kind, and not afraid to try new things, make mistakes, and learn from them. She is a great leader!”

Nadia: “Always willing to drop anything she is doing to help with any technical needs no matter how big or small the task is.”

Michelle: “Michelle is simply the greatest. I do not know how the marketing and recruitment team would do it without her. It is obvious to all how much she cares about not only the company, but the success of everyone at Artemis. Having Michelle on our team helps us all work better and more efficiently as a team. She is always willing to help with any hiccups or questions we may have and encourages us every day!”

Angela: “You can always depend on Angela for being on top of her game. She always has a solution and never backs down from a challenge. She shows true leadership skills and puts her 100% into anything she works on.

Marie: “Marie has infectous humor and fun energy that diffuses through the office when shes in on Tuesdays. This fun energy boosts team spirits and help Artemis team culture thrive.”

San Diego:

Jacqueline: “Brought in a patient on Monday for the safer interview and helped trouble shoot some technical issues to complete the visit.”

Sarah: “Site monitor called her and requested some changes to EDC. Sarah completed all changes with a smile on her face.”

Alicia: “Since COVID-19 I had 2 patients decline their temperatures taken by mouth. Alicia used her excellent customer service by talking to the patients and winning their trust. She took their temperatures and everyone was happy.”

Ruby: “Ruby is such an amazing contribution to our team! She has been my right hand during these close out visits ensuring the CRA’s requests are met in a timely manner. She provides the best customer experience to our sponsors.”

Matt: “Matt is always willing to help us editing/proofing emails. He speaks so professionally with everyone around.”

Natalie G: “Natalie has very good customer service, she is awesome with her patients, and she focuses a lot on them when they come to their appointments. She completes her appointments good and fast.”

Dave: “Dave consistently works as a team player by courteously taking on tasks (without being asked!) that aid in the overall flow and ease of operations, such as delivering mail to team members throughout the day. Glad to have Dave on the Artemis Team!”

Roxana: “Roxana is always ready to support her colleagues. She helps me navigate the complexities of bilingual consent, ensuring that the sponsor guidelines are followed as intended. And thus providing the best customer experience for Sponsors, Artemis employees, and their patients.”

San Marcos:

Alexis: “Ensures that patients dont have to wait after signing in by taking vitals herself. This is so helpful and appreciated.”

Dr. Deilgat: “Is able to connect with patients who may be going through a tough time. She even makes coffee for some.”

Gloria: “Always stops in to help the team out and has a great attitude when she does it.”

Monica: “Monica is a rockstar. She has the most positive attitude and is always willing to help and always jumps in a processes labs.”

Dr. Layle: “Provides the best customer experience to our vendors by helping resolve queries and validations.”


Dr. Patrick: “Dr. Patrick has done an excellent job with our CNS prescreens! We will be well prepared to meet our goals for our sponsor when Sage 303 reopens.”

Sunny: “Helped to ensure a subject was properly randomized by reaching out to the sponsor before proceeding with the visit and making sure his eligibility report was accurate! You did the right thing for both our patient and sponsor.”

Dr. Lavery: “She is great at making sure labs are signed and reviewed as soon as possible! Thank you for your awesome contribution to the team!”

Adriana: “Adriana took initiative to update screening charts when she saw that I was very busy. Thank you for doing the right thing for your fellow team members.”

Mia: “For attending to each patient as soon as they walked in the door while providing friendly customer service to each.”

Prioritizing Patients

Our Core Values

  1. We always put patients first
  2. We deliver the best customer experience
  3. We do the right thing
  4. We work as a team
  5. We embrace continuous improvement

Improving The World

Hands Around a Heart

Purpose of the Program – To not only think inwardly, but also outwardly as we strive to “Improve the World” together as a greater, altruistic purpose. A $25 gift card is given to the week’s Shout Out winner to showcase the “paying it forward” concept, which is then donated towards any cause the winner chooses.

Paying it Forward

We’d like to thank Sunny for her tremendous work representing what the Hands Around a Heart program is all about.

“My ‘Pay it Forward’ donation was to the LA Food bank. Every $1 donated provides enough food for 4 meals to feed hungry children, seniors and families ❤”

Matt Musikanth, our Clinical Research Coordinator, was able to Pay It Forward and contribute towards a great cause!

“In the spirit of ‘delivering the best customer experience’, the week’s core value in which I was fortunate enough to have my name drawn, to the most crucial Artemis customers. I decided that a morning treat as a reward for all my amazing coworkers and their unending dedication to our work in a turbulent time would go a long way to delivering the best customer service.”

A special thank you to Harriet Oberman, our VP of Finance, for Paying It Forward and supporting such a great cause!

“For over ten years, I have coordinated the shelter dinner in our community once a quarter. The dinners halted due to COVID-19 and because the at-risk homeless population in Thousand Oaks have been quarantined in a motel repurposed by the county, and visitors aren’t allowed.  I donated my gift card to Harbor House, the non-profit working with the county to provide services to the homeless population during this time. My family and I also signed up to make 50 pickup lunches in June for the homeless population.”

Deliza Cobarruvias, our Call Center Manager, has Paid It Forward towards a great cause! We appreciate you!

“I have family members and myself personally who have benefited from health care south of the border. Whether it was a quick $5 consultation at a local pharmacy, or when my grandma was hospitalized earlier this year due to a stroke, it makes me really sad to see that due to the COVID outbreak, people with other medical conditions are unable to seek medical attention due to hospitals and clinics being so overwhelmed with coronavirus patients.”

Advancing Medicine

Company performance, wins for the industry, community support

Company Performance Metrics

The San Diego, San Marcos, and Riverside teams each received 10/10 positive feedback!

Glassdoor Performance

Artemis staff reviews & feedback

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Eisai Update

Eisai’s DAYVIGO™ For Treatment of Insomnia in Adult Patients

Click here to read Eisai’s report on the new drug application.

“For any subject who participated in or for subjects who are currently in our Eisai studies, Lemborexant was FDA approved for insomnia.”

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