Artemis Newsletter – March 2020

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CEO Remarks

Dear Artemis team,


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Annual Company Retreat

Our annual all staff retreat is on Friday, March 20th, 9am-3pm at The Point in Mission Beach. Light breakfast, lunch, coffee and tea will be provided. Jeans are allowed and comfortable shoes are encouraged.



Industry, Patients, and Community Highlights


FDA Approval for Lasmiditan Migraine

Artemis’s hard work on the lasmitian clinical trials helped get the treatment approved for acute migraines!


Community Support

We are building social media pages dedicated to informing the community. We have acquired about 800 new Facebook followers since we started updating those pages,, and we’re on our merry way to building a strong community!

Depression: @SoCalDepression

Migraine: @SoCalMigraineSupport

ADHD: @ADHDSoCalSupport




Personnel and Artemis Community Updates

Baby Shower

In February we had our first Artemis baby shower for Maria Hernandez and Brittany Weichers! Congratulations to both, we can’t wait to meet the newest additions to the Artemis family!



Monster Jam   

On February 15th the team got together to watch the Monster Jam at Petco Park!







Personnel and Hiring Updates

San Diego

San Marcos:



  • Congratulations to Joanna LaSalle on your promotion to Senior Patient Recruitment Specialist!
  • Congratulations to Jeanne Pun on your promotion to Senior Patient Recruitment Specialist!
  • Congratulations to Prianka Patel on your promotion to Senior Patient Recruitment Specialist!
  • We are searching for a Director of Strategic Growth to join our Corporate team.
  • We are searching for a Director of People and Culture to join our Corporate team.

Employee Referral Bonus: We’re offering a $250 referral bonus for each successful hire!

March Birthdays:





March 1: Darrian Castillo, Patient Recruitment Specialist





March 2: Dave Holland, Transportation/Facility Assistant







March 3: Nadia Najera, IT Administrator




March 9: Angelica Herrera, Research Assistant



March 23: Carlitos Moss, CRU Research Assistant




March 24: Alicia Contreras, Site Manager


March Artemis Anniversaries:




1 year: Phil Rey, Lab/Pharmacy Coordinator



  1 year: Sierra McGovern, Executive Assistant





1 year: Ben Rooney, Psychometrician




1 year: Ruth Santizo, Clinical Research Coordinator


Core Values Coming Alive

February Shout-Out Winners

San Marcos Winner:


Riverside Winner: 

“ . ”

San Diego Winner: Angelica Herrera, Research Assistant

“Super appreciate the front desk coverage and keeping all running smoothly while I was out 🙂 #workingasateam! ”


Congratulations! Thank you for being valuable members of the Artemis team.

For these accomplishments, TBD will each be awarded a $50 gift card.

**Feel free to recognize your fellow colleagues who you see living and breathing any of the 5 Core Values for Artemis. At the end of the month, we collect all the “shout-outs” and draw a name from a hat to get a winner. You can give as many shout-outs as you want, and a person can receive as many shout-outs as they deserve.


Our Core Values

1. We always put patients first
2. We deliver the best customer experience
3. We do the right thing
4. We work as a team
5. We embrace continuous improvement

Our Core Value for March is:  We always put patients first.

Company Performance Metrics

 1) Annual Priority 1: Deliver a WOW Patient Experience

We received a 2019 Patient Net Promoter Score of 4.41 out of 5 stars! Great work team!

The San Diego, San Marcos, and Riverside teams each received a Public 5-star review!

2) Annual Priority 2: Deliver a WOW Employee Experience

Artemis Company Emplify Score: 76.03

The average Emplify Score is 74

Artemis Net Promoter Score (NPS): 20

The average NPS is 14.


3) Annual Priority 3: Develop a Kick Ass Patient Recruitment Platform

Great start to 2020! We ended January with 97 screens and 49 randomizations, crushing our company goal! Let’s continue this momentum into February!!

Remember, the quicker we can meet our contract numbers, the quicker our sponsors can get data, and the quicker potential life saving drugs can go to market!

4) Annual Priority 4: Virtual Trials exploration

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