May Gratitude Corner

Ali Gerritsen, Vice President, Operations
“I am grateful for this incredible TEAM! I cannot say it enough. I am super motivated every day because of each of you! I am also thankful for Artemis’ commitment to continuous improvement. We are making changes every day on processes, implementing technology, and everyone is open and ready to improve! I love it!”

Deliza Cobarruvias, Call Center Manager
“I am grateful for the Recruitment and Marketing Team, always so flexible positive towards the companies continuous changes.”

Jenna Lynch, Artemis HR Consultant
“I am so very grateful that I get to introduce “Love” in to companies as a valid business principle. It changes company culture and it changes lives.”

Darrian Castillo, Patient Recruitment Specialist
“I am grateful I have the opportunity to work for such an amazing company!”

Dr. Purvi MehraCMO and Principal Investigator
“I’m grateful for working with a team that makes me laugh and smile throughout the day.”

Roxana Carrillo, Senior Research Coordinator
“I feel like the San Diego Team has always led with Love. We are always eager to jump in and help our colleagues. We work together, laugh together and share our lives together.”

Harriet Oberman, VP of Finance
“I’m grateful to be able to work at home and spend time with my silly kids. “

Prioritizing Patients

Core values and shout outs

Our Core Values

  1. We always put patients first
  2. We deliver the best customer experience
  3. We do the right thing
  4. We work as a team
  5. We embrace continuous improvement

Shoutouts From April 24th’s TownHall

Congratulations to Sunny Martinez for being last week’s shoutout winner!


“She makes sure each patient is seen at their appointment time and not having them wait. She jumps in when anyone of us is with another patient. Love working with you.”

San Diego:

Jacqueline: “Brought in a patient on Monday for the safer interview and helped trouble shoot some technical issues to complete the visit.”

Sarah: “Site monitor called her and requested some changes to EDC. Sarah completed all changes with a smile on her face.”

Alicia: “Since COVID-19 I had 2 patients decline their temperatures taken by mouth. Alicia used her excellent customer service by talking to the patients and winning their trust. She took their temperatures and everyone was happy.”

Ruby: “Ruby is such an amazing contribution to our team! She has been my right hand during these close out visits ensuring the CRA’s requests are met in a timely manner. She provides the best customer experience to our sponsors.”

Matt: “Matt is always willing to help us editing/proofing emails. He speaks so professionally with everyone around.”

Natalie G: “Natalie has very good customer service, she is awesome with her patients, and she focuses a lot on them when they come to their appointments. She completes her appointments good and fast.”

Dave: Dave is delivering the BEST customer experience to our staff by providing notepads around the office so that we can write what office supplies is needed. Thanks for making our lives easier!

Roxana: “Roxana is always ready to support her colleagues. She helps me navigate the complexities of bilingual consent, ensuring that the sponsor guidelines are followed as intended. And thus providing the best customer experience for Sponsors, Artemis employees, and their patients.”


San Marcos:

Alexis: “Always walks around with a smile and exudes her positive energy to our study partners.”

Dr. Deilgat: “Is able to connect with patients who may be going through a tough time. She even makes coffee for some.”

Monica: “Because she gets back to recruitment with a quick response time, involving emails and questions regarding patients.”

Dr. Layle: “Provides the best customer experience to our vendors by helping resolve queries and validations.”

Jeanne: “Is always kind to patients on the phone. She listens to their stories and shows empathy. Always tries to end the call on a positive note.”


Dr. Patrick: “For putting the needs of our Biogen patient first; when he was hungry she stopped to allow him to have lunch and was patient with him throughout his visit.”

Dr. Lavery: “For screening 4 Satsuma patients in one day while providing excellent customer service to each of them.”

Adriana: “Went above and beyond on a very busy day and did a fantastic job checking in on patients and making sure they were not waiting too long to be seen! Thank you for all you do.”

Mia: “For attending to each patient as soon as they walked in the door while providing friendly customer service to each.”

Advancing Medicine

Company performance, wins for the industry, community support


Company Performance Metrics

The San Diego, San Marcos, and Riverside teams each received 10/10 positive feedback!

Idorsia Update

Shoutout to Riverside for having the highest number of screens and randomizations for Idorsia! 

Click here to read Idorsia’s report on the top line results for the study.

“The positive outcome of this study would not have been possible without your commitment and hard work to enroll the study subjects, ensure subject’s safety and data integrity!”


Community Support

Below are social media pages dedicated to informing the community. Our goal is to become a trusted source of information for those who suffer from those conditions, grow our follower base, and promote our studies when appropriate.

How can you contribute?

To help increase Artemis’ visibility and social media presence, we encourage you to follow us on all social media accounts if you haven’t already, and like/share/retweet our posts to show your support!

Depression: @SoCalDepression

Migraine: @SoCalMigraineSupport

ADHD: @ADHDSoCalSupport




Improving The World

Hands Around a Heart

Purpose of the Program – To not only think inwardly, but also outwardly as we strive to “Improve the World” together as a greater, altruistic purpose. A $25 gift card is given to the week’s Shout Out winner to showcase the “paying it forward” concept, which is then donated towards any cause the winner chooses.

Paying it Forward

We’d like to thank Sunny for her tremendous work representing what the Hands Around a Heart program is all about.

“My ‘Pay it Forward’ donation was to the LA Food bank. Every $1 donated provides enough food for 4 meals to feed hungry children, seniors and families ❤”