Artemis Newsletter – September 2019

Artemis Newsletter – September 2019

Artemis Newsletter – September 2019

CEO Remarks

Dear Artemis team,

You know summer is winding down when you start to see Halloween already being promoted—too soon in my opinion, but might as well embrace it!  I hope you had a nice summer and were able to get some rest and breaks during the summer months.  I’m excited about the things the company accomplished in August and has on the plate for September.     

Here’s a summary of the happenings for September and a brief review of what the team accomplished in August: 

  1. As most of you know, we conducted our first employee Net Promoter Score (NPS) score, spearheaded by Ali.  We are all very appreciative that we had an above 80% response rate and the comments and feedback are very helpful.  We will be sharing this with you all and also work on addressing the items expressed.  The purpose of conducting this and future surveys is to create a company that you all believe is a place you LOVE working at—this is the goal, and we are committed to achieving this, so please continue to provide the feedback and work with the leadership team to create that kind of company. 
  2. You asked and we listened—Some of the feedback we have received is to improve upon the communication from the corporate team.  I’m excited to announce that we will be starting a company Town Hall forum, whereby the leadership team will be conducting a meeting with the whole company to provide updates and also be available to answer ANY questions that you may have.  We will be conducting our first town hall meeting based in San Diego, and have San Marcos and Riverside video into the meeting, and for future meetings we will rotate the locations.  More details will be coming 1 -2 weeks prior to this meeting, so stay tuned! 
  3. I’m also pleased to announce that we have kicked off formally participating in the Employee Training Fund program.  This is a California program which reimburses the company for the training that is provided to all employees.  These funds will be used for creating and enhancing the training program for all employees.  You will all start seeing training logs for any training that is done, so please ensure to sign off on these as they come to you. 
  4. The company has finally moved over to SPLICE as our new IT support provider and we are aiming for the entire company to have access and work within BOX by the end of September.  Ali and Nadia will be working with you all to ensure a smooth transition. 

I hope you all have a wonderful September and continue the great work you provide to our study patients, sponsors, and to each other! 




Industry, Patients, and Community Highlights

Walk to End Alzheimer’s

The Artemis Riverside team is participating in the 2019 Walk to End Alzheimer’s – Riverside, CA. Our participation raises awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s care, support, and research. Click here to sign up to walk on September 22nd.


Artemis Food Drive for the San Diego Food Bank

Thank you to everyone who contributed and made this Artemis Food Drive successful!


Personnel and Event Updates

Reminder: Clocking In and Out for Lunch

Do your best to take lunch before your five hour mark! We care about your sanity and want to make sure you are getting a well-deserved break in the middle of the day. If you cannot clock out before your five hours, please let your manager know why. If you do need to work through lunch, do not clock-out. We want to ensure your timecards reflect the actual hours worked so we can manage everyone’s time effectively and adjust schedules as needed.

Holiday Scrubs!

We can now wear holiday themed scrubs the business day before a holiday! And of course on the actual holiday if required to work.

Team Sports Survey

There has been some expressed interest in forming a company sports team. Each site could have the potential of forming their own teams for a company-wide league and play against other teams in their area. If you are interested in participating, please take this quick one-minute survey to vote for your desired sport!


Personnel Changes and Updates

Artemis was highly productive this last month in hiring and bringing on new team members—we have been very successful in this endeavor!

San Diego:

San Marcos:

  • Congratulations Gloria Keopuhiwa on her promotion to San Marcos Site Manager!



  • We are searching for a Patient Recruitment Specialist. If you know anyone who may qualify they may apply here:
  • We are searching for a Bilingual English/Spanish Patient Recruitment Specialist. If you know anyone who may be interested they can apply here:

Remember: any employee can earn referral bonus of $250 for each successful hire. Nice work and “Thanks” to the employees who referred folks this most recent hiring round.

September Birthdays

September 2nd – Regina Hayes

September 5th – Sarah Miller

September 6th – Ben Rooney

September 8th – Adriana Espericueta

Artemis Anniversaries

2 years – Deliza Cobarruvias

2 years – Maria Hernandez


Core Values Coming Alive

Shout-Out Winners

For the month of August, we had many shout-outs come in from the entire company.

San Diego Winner:

The winner for the “Shout-Out” for August is Nadia Najera!

The specific winning shout out is as follows:

“ She is so helpful – gets things done fast and well, and goes above and beyond to support the team. Plus she came all the way from AZ for the company picnic!”

San Marcos Winner:

The winner for the “Shout-Out” for August is Brittany Weichers!

The specific winning shout out is as follows:

“She balances all the sites so well and still gives attention to each staff member.”

Riverside Winner:

The winner for the “Shout-Out” for August is Dr. Lavery!

The specific winning shout out is as follows:

“ Helping randomize 20 subjects for Idorsia”

Congratulations! Thank you for being valuable members of the Artemis team.

For these accomplishments, Nadia, Brittany, and Dr. Lavery will each be awarded a $50 gift card.

**Feel free to recognize your fellow colleagues who you see living and breathing any one of the 6 Core Values for Artemis. At the end of the month, we collect all the “shout-outs” and draw a name from a hat to get a winner. You can give as many shout-outs as you want, and a person can receive as many shout-outs as they deserve.

Our Core Values

1. We always put patients first
2. We deliver the best customer experience
3. We do the right thing
4. We work as a team
5. We embrace a journey of continuous improvement

Our Core Value for September is:  We embrace a journey of continuous improvement

Company Performance Metrics

Acurian Campaign Shout-Out for Jeanne Pun

Jeanne Pun, our Patient Recruitment Specialist, has been working diligently on recruitment for our Insomnia studies including Idorsia ID-078A301. She was given a shout-out for her tremendous effort for Idorsia on their Acurian recruitment portal. Due to Jeanne’s focused efforts, we are one of the top performing sites. Thank you Jeanne for all of your hard work!

Reputation Management Initiative

On 8/22 we went live with an initiative to gain feedback from our patients and improve our online reputation scores on Google, Facebook and Yelp. Our first rave review came in last week for the San Marcos team with a score of 10/10! You will be hearing more about how you can contribute to these efforts at our upcoming town hall meeting.

August Screening Goals

We ended August with 88 screens which 89% to our goal for August. Our new goal for September is 94. We have 20 screening days in the month starting today.  Let’s make it a great month and end the 3rd quarter strong!

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