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Artemis Research is proud to be affiliated with Artemis Medical Group. Artemis Medical Group is a separate mental health clinic, offering comprehensive psychiatric care to our community.

At Artemis Research, we focus on patient well-being first and foremost. We always want our patients to feel safe, secure, and cared for as they participate in a clinical trial.

That’s why we encourage patients who are interested in continuing their psychiatric care to do so through the Artemis Medical Group. Conveniently located in the same building as Artemis Research, patients are able to be seen and treated by Board certified clinicians.

And, because Artemis Medical Group is closely associated with Artemis Institute for Clinical Research, interested and qualified patients have the opportunity to participate in research studies. The clinicians at Artemis Medical Group are extensively trained on the research protocols, and are able to assist patients in making the choice to participate in a clinical trial.

Artemis Medical Group gladly accepts most medical insurance, including MediCal, Medicare, and Covered California, and we offer a discounted cash price.

For more information on Artemis Medical Group, or to make an appointment with a provider, please call 858-278-3636.

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