Volunteering for a clinical study is an important and very personal decision. Different people volunteer for different reasons.

For some, it’s a way to explore treatments that might help with a persistent or severe medical condition for which they’ve not been able to find relief in other ways. They know the treatment being studied may or may not help them, and they feel it’s worth the attempt.

For others, it’s an opportunity to help advance medical science and health care. Even if a particular treatment turns out to be unsuccessful, every clinical trial volunteer in every study helps improve future treatment options.

For most, it’s a combination of both. And we would be interested to hear your thoughts!

Clinical studies are the only way new treatments can be evaluated for effectiveness, side effects, and risk factors before being released for use.

Research is different from treatment, and we cannot make any predictions about results.

With every study there are three possible outcomes for each volunteer:

  1. Potential improvement;
  2. No change at all; or
  3. Potential worsening of your symptoms.

Your safety and health are always foremost in our physicians’ consideration at every step of the study.

Each study has its own individual requirements. For a general overview, please read our “About Volunteering” section.

The costs of all of our studies are covered by the study sponsor. You will not need to pay for tests, appointments, or for the product under investigation.

Each study does have potential risks and side effects, which are unique to the product being studied. We’ll review them with you when we talk about the study you’re considering. You’ll be fully informed before you agree to participate. Our investigators are all physicians who are, first and foremost, concerned with your safety and comfort.

Yes. Any volunteer can leave any study at any point in the process for any reason.

In any research study, there is the potential that symptoms may become worse. Our physicians always consider your health and safety throughout all phases of the study.

We also provide two months of after-care for every study volunteer to ensure that your condition is stable and that you’ve transitioned back to your regular health-care regimen.

In general, studies last anywhere from one to six months. However, each study has its own timetable. We’ll review all the study requirements with you when we talk about the study you’re considering.

The study guidelines, which are known as the study protocol, are created by the study sponsor, which is usually the company that developed the product being tested. The study protocol is reviewed by an independent Institutional Review Board (IRB) made up of physicians, researchers, and community members. It’s the IRB’s job to ensure that risk factors are kept to a minimum and that the study protocol protects the safety, rights, and welfare of all participants.

Absolutely. All your information is kept confidential within the context of the study.

Your information is not released to any insurance agency.

Names and other identifying information are not released even to the study sponsor; all data is de-identified to protect your privacy.

No, Artemis’s investigators are responsible for administering all of our trials. Our investigators are physicians who have received additional training in clinical trial administration and are experienced in clinical trial situations. The trial sponsors work closely with Artemis’s investigators to ensure complete understanding of the study protocol (the research guidelines) and to be sure that the study is administered without deviating from the protocol in ways that might impact study results – or impact volunteer safety.

If you choose, we will inform your physician about your participation in our study and provide lab and other test results at your request.

That depends upon the study; some require a diagnosis to evaluate you for participation, and some don’t. Please go ahead and register, and we can contact you to discuss the study you’re interested in.

This information is usually not available, at least in part because we don’t want to create unintentional placebo effects. (A placebo effect is a mind/body interaction where someone believes something about the medication they’re receiving, and therefore experiences effects that might not have occurred without the belief factor).

You will be told about all side effects known to be associated with the study product being administered.

This depends on the individual study. However, the study drug is typically only available for the duration of the study.

No. Artemis is hired to conduct clinical trials by companies who create medical treatments. We have no interest in anything except our volunteers’ safety and comfort and conducting the trial according to the protocol specified by the company that hires us.

If it turns out that you’re not a fit for the study, you’ll still have the benefit of receiving your test results and assessments. We might recommend potential treatment options, and if you’re interested, we may have referrals to offer to doctors, treatment programs, and support options. And we’ll be sure to notify you in the future if there are other studies you might be eligible for.

Your insurance will not be involved or affected in any way. Your study participation and all study information are completely separate from your health insurance. We do not inform health insurance providers about any volunteer participation in any clinical trial.

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