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With the growing application of technologies and devices to improve health outcomes, there is a tremendous opportunity for novel medical treatments. Artemis Research has extensive clinical research experience with pharmaceutical investigational products, and is applying this to emerging technologies in need of clinical research. The Medical Device and Emerging Technologies division is headed by Dr. Jon Wilensky MD, whose background with developing novel biotechnologies enables Artemis Research to provide sponsors with the guidance and technical insight for successful human trials and applications.

Dr. Wilensky has successfully led multiple clinical trials involving implantable sensors and implantable cellular therapeutic products. He has overseen the launch of multi-center, multi-national trials and consults for numerous other early- and mid-stage companies with such technologies. By having Dr. Wilensky direct the efforts of the Medical Device and Emerging Technology Division, Artemis is uniquely qualified to oversee such studies from conception to execution, focusing on the successful strategic commercialization of the investigational technology.

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