Diabetes is a metabolic disease affecting the body’s ability to produce and/or process the hormone insulin, which in turn affects how the body manages glucose, or blood sugar. Glucose is the main source of energy for the body, and comes from the food you eat. Insulin regulates the amount of glucose in the blood, enabling it to enter the body’s cells and provide energy. You can think of insulin as a traffic cop for the energy (blood sugar/blood glucose) in your body.

When someone has diabetes, insulin either isn’t properly produced, or the body becomes resistant to insulin so it can no longer do its job effectively). The result in either case is that blood glucose levels are too high, but the glucose isn’t available to the body’s cells.

Symptoms include excessive thirst and hunger, weight loss, fatigue, frequent infections that are slow to heal, blurred vision, and fatigue. It’s generally felt that diabetes is caused by both genetic and environmental factors, and of course the role of weight is well publicized in today’s media.

Untreated diabetes can cause many problems, including cardiovascular disease, damage to the nerves, kidneys, and eyes, and potentially serious infections in the feet and in the skin.

Artemis Institute for Clinical Research conducts clinical trials of investigative medications for the treatment of diabetes. Qualified people participating in a trial may be eligible to receive financial compensation for time and travel, study-related medical and psychological evaluations, and the investigative study medication at no cost.

If you have diabetes and would like to volunteer for a study, or if you know someone suffering from diabetes who may want to volunteer, please send us your request using the Join a Study form, or call us toll-free at 855-DoStudies (855.367.8834).

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